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Our wildlife control company is licensed, bonded and insured; we protect buildings with business liability insurance. Our animal control experts specialize in the removal of small scurrying animals that crawl into the walls, ceilings, attic and vents of houses. Animals we remove include rats, squirrels, bats, raccoons, skunks, snakes, birds, etc. We are proud of our humane approach to animal control; we take care to ensure that our exclusions are safe for everyone around the property. Our animal removal methods never involve the use of poisons, harmful traps or hazardous chemicals. We remove animals alive using live cage traps; and we employ preventative methods whenever possible. We handle rat infestation and our experts will completely rid your home of annoying little rats. We guarantee our bat exclusions; when we exclude bats from your building expect bats to not bother for a really long time. Our team of experts also perform repairs and carefully seal up every hole and gap in your building to prevent crawling critters from getting in. We also sweep and clean up the affected areas after exclusions using special equipment and disinfectants. Our company offers 24-hour animal control service to private property and commercial buildings. Our animal control services have affordable and budget-friendly prices.