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What diseases do rodents carry?

Rodents are a major carrier of diseases. They carry germs and diseases from outside and when they come in contact with humans they transit these diseases which can result in major complications such as liver and renal failure and also cardiovascular problems. Rodents are also a major cause of allergens as some people are allergic to the dander, droppings, and hair which cause them to sneeze or itch when they come in contact with them.

Rodents transmit disease through direct contact with humans or by means of a vector-parasite (insects such as fleas, mites, or tick transmit diseases from rats to humans through their bite). It is important to get rid of rodents from the home as they carry diseases that are harmful to our health, some of the diseases rodents transmitted by rodents to humans include

1. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is a viral disease that is transmitted by the rice rat. humans can contract this disease by coming in contact with rat urine or feces, inhaling dust that is contaminated with rat droppings or urine, or by a bite from a rice rat.

2. Salmonellosis

This is another disease that humans can contract from rodents by eating food contaminated by rat feces. Drinking water contaminated by rat feces is another means by which you can be infected by the Salmonellosis bacteria.

3. Leptospirosis

This bacterial disease can easily be transmitted to humans when they come in contact with rodent infected water either by swimming, kayaking or by drinking contaminated water. People who work with animals or outdoor are also prone to be infected by Leptospirosis.

4. Rat-bite Fever

Rat-bite fever is transmitted by a scratch, bite or contact with a diseased rat.

5. Colorado Tick Fever

Like the name implies, this viral disease is transmitted to humans by ticks. When a tick takes a blood meal from a woodrat and bites a human, it transmits the disease known as Colorado Tick Fever which results in high fever and vomiting.

6. Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

This parasitic disease is transmitted to humans through the bite of a sandfly that had come in contact with a woodrat.

7. Plague

This disease is transmitted mainly by a domestic rat. Humans can be infected through the bite of a flea that has fed from a domestic rat.

Off all the diseases mentioned above, the Hantavirus is the most dreaded and common. It can be easily mistaken for flu and later results in difficulty with breathing which could be fatal if left untreated. The virus is easily transmitted to humans by inhaling dirt from rodents’ urine, droppings, or a dead rat that carries the virus.

To avoid contacting the hantavirus, you must ensure that all urine, feces, and dead rodents must be completely cleared from the home. Disinfect areas of the home where urines and feces are noticeable and remember to protect yourself while doing so by wearing gloves and using a respirator to avoid inhaling dust particles from infected rodents.

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